Rules And Forms



UPDATE! "Transponder Installation will cost $15 and pool keys $20"







Key steps to follow for residents to input or update your information, add or remove guests, buy a transponder  ($15) or pool keys ($20). All forms mentioned below are also available at the guardhouse and can be dropped there


¨ New residents or tenants, fill out the Resident Information Sheet, and send it to MMI.

¨ To verify your information, add or remove guests, go to Log in

             Username = arojas (Example: Resident’s name: Andy Rojas)

             Password  = 1234  (You will be asked to change your password to access your profile)

¨ To update your information, you can also send an e-mail to Ileana

¨ To purchase a transponder, fill out the Transponder Installation Request Form. Deliver completed forms to guardhouse in a sealed envelope addressed to Miami Management, Inc.



It is very important to follow the rules for parking to avoid having your vehicle towed away at your expense. Situations where towing will be done at the Association's discretion.


¨ Parking on green areas

¨ Commercial vehicles parked overnight

¨ Abandoned vehicles parked on extending periods at guest parking areas

¨ Vehicles with expired tags

Construction and Repairs

Key Steps on how to start a construction project, roof and fences repairs. Before you start your project or repair, meet with the architectural committee for guidance.


¨ Fill out the Architectural Form

¨ Get your neighbor's signatures and get your drawings or blueprints ready for review

¨ Meet with the Architectural committee to present case

¨ Submit completed  Architectural Form to MMI for processing with all supporting documents

¨ Wait for approval from the Board of Directors

¨ Get your city and county (if needed) permits

¨ Post your permits while work is being done


Painting, Roof Shingles, Hurricane Shutters, Screened Patios, Driveways, and others

Key Steps to take before painting the outside of our homes. 

"..nor shall any exterior painted surfaces be repainted a color different than that originally painted by the Developer.."  Exhibit 2, Article IX, Section 3, Page 11 this has been modified as we have additional colors.


¨ Choose the color from the Exterior House Colors List

¨ Fill out the Architectural Form

¨ Submit completed  Architectural Form to MMI for processing



Key Rules on appropriate Pool use.


¨ Use of the Pool Facilities at your own risk

¨ No glass or alcohol in the pool area

¨ Appropriate pool attire

¨ No diving



Key Rules on appropriate Playground use.


¨ Hour of operation: Dawn to Dusk

¨ Use of Park Facilities at your own risk

¨ Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times

¨ Playground is for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years of age

¨ No glass containers allowed

¨ No hazardous activity allowed in playground area

¨ No loud noise/music will be tolerated



                 Section 1. Powers.  The Board of Directors shall have power to:

                         (a) adopt  and publish  rules  and  regulations governing  the  use  of

the  Private  Drives  and  Common  Open   Spaces,  and   the  personal  conduct  of  the

members and their  guests, thereon  and to  establish  penalties for the infraction thereof;

(Exhibit 4 (By-Laws), Article VII, Section 1, Paragraph (a), Page 4)